Ladies Bedroom

This room is treasured for the collection of wedding gowns; one worn by Louisa Lintner Coleman, the other by Paul “Skee” George’s mother.
The Porcelain 4 piece dresser set was a wedding present for J. Edgar and Ellen Lintner on October 10, 1893.
The white Red Cross uniform was donated by Phyllis Gilmore Zack.
Several family photos are here, including one of Lucy Sophie Hacke, wife of John Graff 1806-1871.
All the furniture is from the Lintner estate as are the articles on the dressing

The candle sticks on the mantle are from the old Sts. Simon and Jude Church.
Canes: one with an alligator head has a name plate of Paul Graff; the tall light wood walking stick has a name plate of Henry Antis born 1701 in Bavaria, died 1785 near Pottstown, Pa. He was the grandfather of Gov. Snyder’s wife. The medium brown wood cane was made by Albert Baird with wood taken from the canal lock master’s shanty. Dates 1827 and 1909 are engraved on it.