Transportation Room

This room contains an eclectic collection of items: a hand powered coal auger, an airmail letter dated 1941, a framed letter with the first Jefferson nickel, an Indian head penny, photos of the old bank that stood where Sheetz is now located and framed pictures of various steam locomotives.

Signs: Alum Bank RR and Frattura store. There is a lantern from the Blairsville Ladies Seminary. A sales agreement dated 1856. Pictures of Blairsville Intersection (Torrance station) and Ironworks crew, 1919.
To the right of the window hangs a copy of a picture of Blairsville by John Isaac Chapman, son of Alva Chapman. The picture of the bridge of Blairsville was done by Alva Chapman who painted canal boats with pictures of heroes, patriotic scenes or landscapes.
There is also a collection of sports memorabilia in this room…most famous is the #13 shirt complete with mud that belonged to Pud Constantino and his photo.